Acne Paper

Acne Paper was a biannual magazine that had a brief but remarkable life (2005 - 2014). Fashion spreads were just one element in an editorial mix that focused on culture in the broadest sense, with a keen eye on how the past informs the present. Narrated by a timeless theme explored through photography, art, literature and journalism, Acne Paper published the work of top level contributors from different generations and was admired for its elegant art direction and high production values.

Published by Acne Studios and edited by Thomas Persson, Acne Paper was never a brand magazine in the conventional style. While the fashion stories featured clothes from multiple brands, the editorial topics ranged from 15th century tapestry to LGBTQ culture, from master painting to street photography, from theatre to sculpture, from dance to meditation, to mention but a few.

The wide range of subject matters were arranged thematically through fifteen themed issues: The City, Escapism, Education, Playfulness, Elegance, Exoticism, Tradition, Eroticism, Art and Spirituality, Legendary Parties, The Studio, Youth, The Body, Manhattan and The Actress.

Acne Paper Book — Editorial Staff

Founder of Acne Paper — Jonny Johansson
Publisher — Mattias Magnusson
Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director — Thomas Persson
Project Director — Lotta Nilsson
Art Director — Moses Voigt
Final Art — Matt Busher
Assistant to Thomas Persson — Arian De Vos
Editorial Management — Tali Silver and Maya Shorto
Editorial Advisor — Karen Alexander
Text Editor — Tristan Rogers


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